EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2023:  Mrs. Simmons will no longer offer psychotherapy services.  The practice is now focused on energy healing/coaching, life coaching, and spiritual direction.

If you are interested in scheduling a coaching call or energy healing session please call 281.494.8701 or email vicki@vickisimmons.com



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you accept insurance for energy healing services?

No, most insurance companies do not cover alternative care services.  

Do you prescribe medication?

No, as an energy practitioner, it is beyond the scope of my training to prescribe medication.  If you are looking for someone to prescribe medication, then you may want to contact a psychiatrist or ask your primary care physician for a referral.

How many energy healing sessions will I need?

There is no set number of sessions.  Your number of sessions will be determined by the issues you identify, how much time you commit to working between sessions, your previous history, and what you hope to achieve for yourself as a result of beginning energy work.

How often will I be seen?

Many clients attend weekly sessions.  There are some occasions where more frequent visits are indicated.  Sessions can be done in person or via phone or zoom.

Do you offer groups?

Yes, I do offer remote group bioenergetic sessions, workshops, and energy coaching.